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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Accessibility in distance ed

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Colloquy

I used to work at Capella; I've also worked at Walden University (where many of Capella's founders came from). They're certainly not diploma mills - the coursework is comprehensive and rigorous.

Ed's point - that some people just shouldn't do some things - is unsettling, but valid. The FAA doesn't let just anybody get a pilot's license. If you have a history of heart problems or spontaneous unconciousness, they're not going to let you fly.

Working at a community college, I see a lot of students who frankly aren't "college material." I also see a lot of students who could be successful with a little help and encouragement. Given how hard it is to raise a family on the income available to folks with no college education, shouldn't we do everything we can to help students succeed?

Monday, August 15, 2005

Free curriculum - at what cost?

A Simple Desultory Dangling Conversation: Free curriculum - at what cost?